Material Processing

The Material Processing Module (MATP) is designed to allow order desk personnel to define the type of processing desired while entering a quote or order. It handles all type of inventory (bar, plate, sheet, coil, etc.) and processing (cutting, burning, slitting, packaging, etc.).

The software records dimensions and tolerances, calculates the quantity required in the stocking unit- of -measure (pounds, hundred weight, inches, feet, etc.) and calculates the suggested selling price. MATP takes into consideration waste, scrap, kerf, etc. when calculating quantity required. The conversion from one unit-of-measure to another is accomplished through user-defined controls. An optional work order can be created to perform the processing. MATP accommodates multi-step processing. For repeat finished items, a template or bill of material option is available which greatly reduces keystrokes.

The system can also capture machine setups and special notes that may be required for processing, marking, packaging, shipping, or loading. Cost can be tracked in the detail desired by the user. Labor can be ignored, estimates can be used, or actual labor costs can be entered. Unusable material can be costed into the job, or placed in inventory at a new value. Sales analysis can reflect material sell price and cost, as well as processing sell price and cost (if desired).

  • Entry of process job information within the order or quote entry cycle
  • Calculates sell price and margin percent for both orders and quotes based on material and processing costs, and sell price tables
  • Automatic release of work orders, manual release, or the ability to override the auto release flag
  • Commitment against a raw material at sales order entry time
  • Combining of work orders for more efficient runs of like materials
  • Appending of extensive packaging, production, and technical information to appear on work orders and/or other forms
  • Customer product specs and part numbers handled

Production Scheduling

Metal-Pro includes a unique module typically not available to metal processors – a production scheduling module. The production scheduling systems consists of three major functions: Delivery Date Promise, Automatic Rescheduling, and Production Backlog Reporting.

  • Delivery date promise based on production load at Order Entry
  • Automated rescheduling based on customer priorities and production load
  • Production backlog management
  • Integrated shop calendar and work center capacities.